UV Gel Nail Polish Remover Wraps Acetone Wipes Soak Off Pads

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Available in Pack of 10, 60 and 120.
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Pack of 10 and 60 comes without box. 


Type: Foil remover wraps
Aaluminium foil pockets, light and easy to carry and use
Absorbent sponge with acetone,without pungent adours of normal polish remover.
Easily to remove gel nail polish UV
Reduces acetone contact with skin and traps in heat to quicken removal
Disposable, one Tear for one nail.

How to use them:

Please see "how to use picture" provided at the bottom. 


1. Tear off the pack along the dotted line

2. Tear off protective film of adhesive tape. 

3. Place nail inside the acetone filled pad

4. Keep it wrapped for approx 10 minutes. After 10 minutes use cuticle pusher to pus the gel off gently. 


Pack Quantity:   
Available in 10/60/120 pcs of remover wraps (Please choose the quantity from menu)
Please note: We send them without box to save on postage cost.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Roxana C.
Gel nail polish remover

I bought the remover wraps hoping that they will really work. But they don't. I did try to keep them for longer but no result.

Pat M.
Didn't work

Sorry but they just didn't work I think it softened them a bit but wouldn't use again

Sorry to hear that you were not happy with your purchase. These pads soften the gel then you can simply slide them off with cuticle pusher or any thin wooden object like loly stick.

not h.
0 stars

these don't work took me about 2 hours to scrape off the gel after using these.

Sue A.
Magic remover

Sorry not impressed by these which is a shame, no instructions how to use but you can work it out easily. The front of the packet when you take the pink strip off is sticky, which I assume you then wrap the packet over your nail, this is the problem the packet is to loose and falls off your nails plus the lint swab inside only just damp not strong enough to take the gel off

Pamela F.
Foil Nail polish wipes

Theses are really good! They take me gel nails off, leave them on for at least 15 min if any left on just rub it with the wipes