CANNI Transfer Foil Nail Adhesive Gel Glue UV / LED soak off Polish

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CANNI Transfer Foil Nail Gel
Please note: You need to buy foil packs separately

CANNI Transfer Foil Gel:
Volume: 7.3ml
Suitable for both artificial and natural nails
Can be used with other nail art products

Transfer Foil (Need to buy separately)
Foil pack comes in 3 different options. Each pack contains 10 sheets of foil and comes in small container as shown in the picture

How to use CANNI transfer foil nail gel?
1) Prepare your nail bed by shaping, pushing cuticles back and removing all oils. 
2) Apply base coat, and cure it under UV/LED lamp. 
3) Apply nail gel polish (dark colour is better), cure it under UV/LED lamp.
4) Apply Nail Foil Transfer Gel Glue, and cure it under UV/LED lamp. 

5) Cut a piece of foil (just big enough for the nail), press it on your nails. Different colours of foils can mixed on the nails.
5) Remove the foil and the foil pattern should be stay on your nail.
6) Apply Top Coat, and cure it under UV/LED lamp. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Kym T.
Works perfectly!

Perfect for foil transfers! Very good product

Angela F.
Great value foils

I bought these foils for my nail technician to use on me. She was impressed by their quality and I'm going to enjoy making my way through all of them.


Didn’t stick


Not sticky enough

Kelisha T.
Absolutely the best

Who ever said that this does work well.... THIS PRODUCT WAS AMAZING!!! I was skeptical after reading the reviews and even though i am Canni fan I was doubtful. I thought maybe too cheap maybe a fit and miss. Well after today i am stocking up!!! Strong, no need to rub with a silicone tool just apply and tear off. Ive always used base coat but this is better.