CANNI Soak Off UV / LED Sakura Glittered Nail Gel Series

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CANNI Sakura Nail Gel Series

Volume: 7.3ml 
Colours: Available in 6 colours
Type: Soak-off UV & LED
Suitable Lamp: UV / LED lamp

How to use CANNI Sakura Soak off UV & LED Nail Gel polish

1 - Wash hands, wipe the nails and remove cuticles 
2 - Brush a thin layer of CANNI base coat, cure by UV / LED lamp
3 - Brush one layer of colour gel, cure under the lamp
4 - Brush another layer of colour gel, cure under the lamp
5 - Brush a layer of CANNI reinforce gel, cure under the lamp
6 - Brush a layer of CANNI top coat, cure under the lamp
7 - Wipe nail surface with cleanser to get perfect shining.

How to soak off the CANNI Sakura Nail Gel Varnish?

Step 1: Soak cotton pad with liquid remover.
Step 2: Warp the finger.
Step 3: Wait for 2~5min.
Step 4: Gently file away.

Is there any attention for the CANNI Sakura Gel Nail Polish?

1. Keep away from children.
2. Keep away from sunshine and heat.
3. Keep tightly sealed after use.
4. Follow directions for use.
5. Discontinue use if sensitization occurs.
6. It’s normal phenomenon if the gel goes thicker in the case of temp.


********IMPORTANT NOTICE*******

Pictures advertised should be used for best guidance only as they are studio generated under different lighting and angles. The actual colour may vary from image advertised. If you believe that the item received is in wrong colour, please do not use it and contact us.

CANNI Nail Gel Varnish Seal Edges

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A great colour - Sakura Gel in YH01