CANNI 45g Poly Gel Quick Building Natural Nail Extension Gel Camouflage UV/LED £7.75
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New CANNI Poly Gel II

New CANNI Poly Gel II formula has been improved after feedback from home and professional users. Increased strength, easier to work with and lighter than acrylics. Fast to apply with no chasing or intense heat spikes giving unlimited play time to make the perfect nails. Use with either single or dual nail forms to suit you and your clients. Easy to file and buff and problem free with in-fill applications.

Suitable for applying on UV gel nails, acrylic nails and natural nails, etc.

How to use CANNI Poly Gel II:

Step 1: Clean the nails and cut the nail surface as a normal manicure process.
Step 2: Apply a thin coat of primer and cure under the nail lamp. (no lamp needed)
Step 3: Apply a thin layer of Base Coat and cure under the nail lamp. (cure 30 seconds)
Step 4: Use nail shapes and remove the poly gel to the extension. (Cure 30-60 seconds)
Step 5: Cut the shapes of the nails.
Step 6: Apply the topcoat and cure it under UV / LED lamp. (Cure 30-60 seconds)
Step 7: Design your nail with your satisfied patterns.


Poly Gel II

01- Clear, 02- White, 03- Jelly Pink, 04- Crystal Pink, 05- Tender Pink, 06- Nude Pink


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